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Hybrid Events

SlidesLive has capabilities to work with events of all formats - including one’s that are not quite fully in-person, and not quite fully virtual! To accommodate hybrid events, we send out on-site streaming teams to cover the in-person portion of your event, and assign a remote production team to handle broadcasting of all remote speakers. Allow us to easily connect all speakers in one space, and create a seamless environment for all attendees!

Virtual Events

SlidesLive has hundreds of remote production teams to handle your remote speakers and their needs, no matter where they are! Have our online tech teams record and livestream your presentations to the platform of your choice, and edit all content post conference! Let our team mimic an in-person event while creating a consistent and smooth experience for your audience.

Platform Integrations

Have a preferred platform you are comfortable with and don’t want to make a change? Whether it is networking via Gather.Town, or setting up Zoom rooms for breakout sessions, let our experienced team handle the job for you with our seamless integration process. With SlidesLive, we have no limitations on integrating with alternate platforms, should you prefer Zoom, Hopin, MS Teams, Google Meet, Vi.To, or something else, let us know, and we will make it happen!

Local Production Teams

SlidesLive has a network of over 600 audio-visual teams to cover your event across the globe. With teams in every city in North America, Europe, and parts of Asia, we are able to connect with your speakers and have our technicians handle the work on-site - start to finish!


With our unique and easy to use pre-recording tool, we allow speakers to pre-record their presentations, panels, poster & paper sessions and more! Whether you have just one, or thousands, our technicians, editors, and reviewers will ensure your final product is impeccable. No download required!

3D Virtual Studio

Allow your conference to come to life with our 3D studio. Create and explore your products in 3D with our greenscreen and holographic features; a completely new and unique way to present.

Academic Events

With the academic event industry ever-growing, SlidesLive is here to help with all of your academic conference needs. With capabilities to broadcast pre-recorded content, pre-record hundreds, or even thousands of poster & paper sessions, livestream and record your workshops & tutorials, we are available and capable to help with your conference, no matter how big or small.

Custom Website

Sick of attending the same ordinary virtual event? SlidesLive can help you customize your conference by creating your own custom website, with your own graphics, custom template pre-registration page and audience interaction features. We also have the capability to include a chat box for your attendees to interact online.

Digital Library

Allow your talks to live forever on our SlidesLive website. With our digital library, you have access to thousands of presentations from across the globe to view at your convenience. Keep your content alive for as long as you’d like - public or private, and never have to worry about where your videos will be stored again!

Technical Support

We provide top-notch technical support for quality assurance for all our events. From conducting dry-runs with all speakers prior to the event, and a dedicated phone and email line to assist with your issues, we are here to help 24/7! With international team members around the world, there is always a professional readily available to assist.

Thank You! We will contact you shortly :)

Contact us at [email protected]
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