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Reach audiences around the globe with your next event.


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Unlimited Event Locations

Worldwide is not just a marketing term for us. When we say it, we mean it. Explore the map to see the events we’ve recorded globally.

Move through the map

All-Inclusive Service

Storing and sharing knowledge is simple with our professional services that span across each step of the event recording process from start to finish. See how it works.

Gearing Up

Diving into your event details, finding the best services, and getting ready.

Recording & Live Streaming

Capturing every moment and connecting speakers and attendees worldwide.


Enhancing the quality of footage and creating an interactive output format.

Hosting Recorded Talks

Talks are stored in the SlidesLive Library, available publicly or privately for as long as you’d like.

A Player You Will Love

Even the best talks can lose their meaning when the content is hard to engage with. We know this, which is why we introduce our player with a range of customizable features. Try it out for yourself!

Customize window sizes

Navigate through slides

Create playlists

Add bookmarks

Why SlidesLive?

Worldwide Proficiency

12 years of expertise, a global team of 700+ professionals and 3,300+ recorded events around the world. We speak the AV language—take a look at what our clients say.

All-Inclusive Service

From recording and live streaming to post-production to hosting recorded talks, our comprehensive services cover the entire process. See what we can offer you.

Format & Video Hosting

Introducing an interactive player format that combines speaker video and slides. We also offer lifelong hosting in our SlidesLive Library with 94,000+ talks, privately or publicly.

Cutting-Edge Tech Solutions

Harnessing top-notch technologies, we create our own solutions, such as AI-driven robotic cameras, providing a cost-effective approach to event coverage. Discover more.

Let’s record your next event! We’re ready when you are.

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